About Michael Banks, CEO

Michael Banks has been a therapist for over 10 years, and founded Leave At Ease (L@E) Massage in 2021. Seeing his faithful client’s physical improvements after his massage sessions over the years, created a passion to share his methodology with the world. He and his wife came up with name L@E Massage as a play on words that captures the essence of Michael’s vision; which is to leave each person at ease after they lay. L@E Massage started as a way to ensure each client would conveniently receive the best massage service. Michael has evolved into a highly-knowledgeable therapist, and he prides himself at staying up to date with the latest techniques, practices and continued education, to better serve each individual client.

AT L@E Massage, we believe that every body is different and that each client is the expert of their body. Therefore, we provide each client with tailor-made massages contingent upon their body’s need; Being sure to have frequent communications with each customer to empower them at every session. Also, we value your time, and unlike most franchise spa’s, L@E Massage provides each customer with the full duration of time promised at time of purchase.


What Our Clients Say

“Michael is an incredibly talented masseuse, and always brings a gentle and calming energy into my home. His intuitive touch and skill helped me through a physically and emotionally challenging time, made possible thanks to the convenience of his mobile services!”

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